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Hi, I'm Nico.Dev, Webdev & Digital Native.

I am Dipl.-Ing. (FH) and a graduate of the CS50Web Course of the world-renowned Harvard University in Cambridge, which I successfully completed with the corresponding certificate.

Website development is one of my favorite disciplines. So if you have an interesting and exciting project in a growing market, feel free to contact me.

With Alculate 2022 I have launched my own project for the iOS platform. You can learn more about it on the project page.

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For more...... customers, sales or attention ...

... through appropriate web design, suitable for your target group. For a clearly defined goal where company philosophy, target group information, cooperate design, but also technical aspects are taken into account and brought together. In the following I have summarized the central pillars of a successful web presence.

Authentic design

An honest design with an individual look. It doesn't promise anything, but it delivers.

Clear design

A reduced and unobtrusive design that is always focused on the essentials.

Consistent design

Design must not be arbitrary. Elements must have a concrete purpose and their place.

Responsive design

Also called responsive design. It adapts optimally and independently to the appropriate display size.

Robust web techniques

Proven elements of programming, which have a high acceptance by the respective end devices.

Search engine friendly

Consideration of the guidelines recommended by search engines.

A design should make the product speak...
Dieter Rams, product designer 'The quiet order of things'.

About me.Dipl.-Ing (FH)

I successfully earned my degree at the HTW Zittau in 2001 as Dipl.-Ing. (FH) in the field of communications engineering. Already during the internship and the following diploma thesis I dealt with software development, mainly C/C++, with tools like flex and bison - i.e. compiler building.

After my studies I worked as a developer for medium-sized companies like the telecom subsidiary Datus AG and Saxonia Systems AG, which meanwhile merged into Carl Zeiss AG.

In 2017 I started my own business. In web development/design I discovered a welcome challenge for me. It requires creativity, understanding for marketing and of course a lot of knowledge and experience for technical aspects.

I would be happy to accompany your company on the way to a new web presence. I am a creative with lot's if ideas and yet down-to-earth consultant with a firm focus on your company.

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